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Women hit their sexual peak in their 40s. Yet the majority of women say they aren’t enjoying their sex life. Whether due to painful sex, post kids, hormones or a myriad of reasons, we have been there and we see you. After consulting with health care professionals, we obsessively curated a specific range of products to help you find your way back to the times when sex was fun and enjoyable and reclaim your pleasure.

I purchased amethyst after a friend recommended her. And she is absolutely amazing. I love the way she can bend and move to my body and hit all the right places. I loved her so much that I bought Garnet too so I could share with my husband! And I would highly recommend both.
Honestly, I never thought I would recommend a pleasure toy to anyone but this one is too good to not share with the world! Any woman should experience this type of pleasure! Unlike other products out there this one is super soft and flexible which make the experience much more pleasurable and with zero pain / uncomfortableness which really made the difference for me…it’s not the first toy I’ve tried but with that level of satisfaction - it might be the last I’ll ever need! Pure joy!
Ruby is an excellent first or every day vibe. She has a good range of settings including some more gentle ones, which I think is great. I don’t love the horse shoe shape for internal use but it makes her so comfortable to hold and manipulate to whatever the hell angle you need! The design is v clever as well as being beautiful, and course she’s very satiny and soft. Would recommend to anyone!
What a wonderful toy! I have tried a few others over the years, and quiet a few have left me disappointed. I learnt about Ruby and her design and couldn’t wait to try her out. She has such a luxurious feel and a stylish look (I have even had her on charge in my kitchen next to my phone and watch!) Miss Ruby has some fabulous intense settings that you can enjoy and her flexibility makes great to use solo or with someone special. I have disposed of my lower quality, less attractive toys. Yes! I LOVE my Divine Miss Ruby.

Meet Amethyst

Dual stimulating goddess designed for maximum pleasure and contoured fit

Meet Ruby

A smooth and flexible wand massager with perfect Gspot vibe

Meet Garnet

Vulva shaped C-ring making partner and solo play all about YOU


I am Lara Pack, the founder of Elixir Play. I started this brand after I experienced extremely painful sex after having kids. I eventually found a pelvic floor physio who suggested using pleasure products and from there, Elixir Play was born. I set out to do two things with this brand. One was to produce beautiful products that were really designed with women in mind who all have different bodies and experience pleasure in different ways.

The second reason was to create a community and a place where women could come to get information that normalizes sex. And not just the fun and exciting parts but the parts that we don’t often talk about – pain, low libido, desire. So feel free to look around, check out the products, the information and resources and as always, contact us if there is anything else you need.

- Lara x